Animals Door


Yet again I goig tell about more door I forgot to tell about I also wish the game get a iron door for animals so animals can go in but not ppl and if you ruching the animals it let you thow I hate mining the door and the gate let animals and the ppl in but it annoyed I not what ppl kill my animals and I not what keep mining and at this point I think I am lossing my head by doing this :joy: but nvm that I think it a good idea but I can.t spell good so it many look dumb what I am saying I get autism and it me slow to learn… so it will except a lot of my spelling but I bullying for it )-: if you have autism please let me know I what to know i not the only one on blochead with autism and I wish I sew forum 3 to 4 year ago I be playing the game for a lone time and I what the joining date loom old to :joy: and I think my true leve be more hunger if I had join a lone tie. Ago :joy:


Couldn’t people just fly over the door?


Not if you have a roof (:wink: