Anime haven (economy/kingdom server



side note this is a economy server and kingdom and we hope u have fun and obey rules we are rp as well and owner is retarded kitty but now is red_diamond90

: Welcome to anime haven :
here is where u learn :

: - R a n k s - : : — O w n e r — : red_diamond

: — C o - O w n e r — : : ~ [ JAYDEN ] ~

: — H e a d - A d m i n — : norahch : — H e a d - Mod — : :!!FELL CHARA!!:

: - Builds - : : : shop is to the left of spawn

: houses is to the left of spawn

: - S h i p - L i s t - : : — Best couple — : PurpleGuy19 X moistginger-together forever

: - R o y a l s - : : — Queens — : PurpleGuy19 and moistginger

: — Princesses — : : [ SHINE ]

: - R u l e s - : Hello people, To have a great time here you must read the rules! Thanks! And this is a survival server so no whining about everything please.

Don't steal or greif.

Don't ask for Admin or Mod.

Nice hackers only.

Be nice and polite.

Do not build with hard-to-destroy-blocks, dirt, and stone.

Respect everyone.

If you’re banned you will be unbanned within a week.

Add credit for Mod (or Admin sometimes).

Respect LGBTQ+ community.

One house per player.

Don't ask for OP stuff.

NO SEXUAL content keep it PG13.

no harresing people

Don't kill others for their stuff.

no unknowns/hacked objects unless Admin/or higher

: - A d m i n - C h a t - :

add my disssss. ᴶ ᵃ ʸ ᵈ ᴱ ⁿ#5025 haiii ~tsu/shine Yo it's yo gurl/owner

: special thanks

to Jayden and Sara yandere and all the staff

Sara yandere protects us from hackers she's nicest ever

Jayden adds credit and helps us


Well, the idea of the server seems interesting, but I think these should be the same rule, since LGBTQ+ community are part of “everyone”.
(Just saying to avoid people like me doing trouble because of something simple as this).
And I think dating isn’t allowed…
(On the forums, or game, if I remember correctly)


I’m debating if this is okay or not.


There’s no reason why a world rule shouldn’t reinforce our rules. We don’t explicitly post our rules in to the WM ourselves, so it makes sense for world owners to do so.


guys I’m just protecting my staff [redacted] and Ive changed rules a bit to so yes anyways it’s my server my rules my gf and me run it and my bff adds credit and a hacker protects it

and nice hackers only is for hackers who will pass by nicely like Sara yandere or my bffs who are hackers

[Redacted personal information about world staff - don’t ever post such information on this board please. It’s not permitted - milla]


But shouldn’t hacking still be reported to milla or Dave? Correct me if I’m mistaken


You’re mistaken. If it is allowed in the rules of the server, then its allowed.

Now, the server may get set to private to keep kids from just wandering in…


We like to hear about new hacking methods and tricks. We don’t punish people for hacking the game.

Reports about new techniques should be PMed to me, please.

Also, merged double post.


Sara Yandere? I know her! ";p


Thank you I love Asian cartoons