Anime Players go Against BH because of 1.7


A while ago, I was doing a bit of checking on anime servers and saw something weird; all of them, angry because of the 1.7 credit issue, were planning to attack BH. How they will attack it is dumb, but it might make BH a bit less popular; they all will give 1 star to the game if TC doesn’t become the way to pay for servers again.


I think if you remembered the names and pmed the right person. They could get cloudbanned


They could still give the app a 1 star rating.


If they reviewed it than people would see how stupid it was. Than hopefully they become a internet meme.


Fair point.


Over 5000 people have rated the app. It would take 133 people who had already given a 5-star rating changing their rating to 1 star to lower the 4.4 average rating to 4.3. It would take substancially more people to do so if they hadn’t previous rated the app. If the next 500 people that hadnt rated the app gave it a 1 star rating, the average would drop from 4.4 to 4.1

Let them try.


As I said with people who don’t like the credit world changes now they just lacking attention the best is ignore them if they can do whatever they say.

Edit: hmm I don’t see a multiplayer here it just says anime, players I think it should be moved in general discussion since it is about the anime players against Blockheads credit world changes and now they wanted to make the Blockheads rating down.


I don’t think it’s all the anime people. Its just more than not.


Many players who use pirated TC think the developer made it something meant to be existed probably.

Do you think the number of hackers/script kiddies has been reduced due to 1.7?

  • Yes; Decreased
  • No; Stayed the Same
  • No; Higher because of less servers/other reasons

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What, can you use tc to extend your stay at a certain server? Because I have lots of tc.


Hah, let them be angry. They can just leave. The Blockheads will be better without those people.




Anime players go crazy at the blockheads game.