Anime servers?


What do we think about anime servers and why?


You can have any belief about them that you want.

You can like them, you can not like them. It’s up to you. I personally don’t join them, but people who like anime or roleplay probably do. :slight_smile:

The only way I wouldn’t like them is if they are inappropriate to young players.


I’ve had to report a ton of them to Milla for being inappropriate, although that doesn’t mean all anime servers are bad.


That’s true, I have been playing this game for a very long time and even owned the first anime server when they made the tc world update. It used to be fun, but now you cannot join to play. You get kicked for not talking or simply building. I’ve only seen few anime roleplayers who don’t act like bodily starving animals. Though they do pay for their worlds, they should be monitored more severely.


If you mean worlds with the word “anime” in the name, they are owned by a wide range of people, with a wide array of play styles and rules. There is no such thing as an anime server type.


It depends. While many of them are fine, I don’t like anime rp servers in general because they often lead to inappropriate behaviors, even from the admins and owners.