Announcement bot

I’m going to try to attempt to make a bot that can run in game (have a icon)
(Project probably complete in several months or more)
On my way to learn JavaScript
Hope @Wingysam and @Bibliophile can help me!


Good luck!

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What is this? like a blockhead?

Just as a brief warning, bots that connect to the game aren’t allowed.


That seems like a huge undertaking. I wish you luck though!

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Bibliophile has shown that it is possible, so of course you can do it. It will be a giant step though, given that you are just learning JS. Nevertheless, good luck!

By the way, how’s the progress with the Scratch game? (You should post about that on the original topic— thank you. :slight_smile: )

Guess I might try making a bot that can use the owner portal like the message bot


I’ve had lots of fun with the message bot. It’s quite an enhancement to running a server, although it can get a little annoying when overused.