Announcing the "Trains & Technology" update - 1.4

It’s been a long wait, sorry! But the huge trains & technology update is now just around the corner!

See this TouchArcade story for many details and screenshots:
Trains, Technology and Much More Coming to ‘The Blockheads’ in Forthcoming Update

1.4 is definitely the most content rich update since launch, with loads of new items and things to do. Trains are probably the best new feature, the physics are quite realistically modeled so if you build a rail jump and then get on an accelerometer controlled rail hand car you can launch far and high into the air. But there are also slower steam locomotives that can pull freight and passenger cars. Steam trains travel without requiring you to control them and stop when they arrive at the next station.

Another huge new feature is electricity. The addition of generators, copper wiring and electric workbenches gives you new more energy efficient and faster methods of crafting, as well as new items to craft and much quicker ways to craft iron and steel requiring less ore and coal. There’s also a new electric stove to cook meals that keep your blockheads full for longer.

There’s a huge amount of other new stuff too, the cave troll is a new enemy found deep in caves, and there is new tin and iron armor, and a bow and arrow for ranged attacks. You can now harm other players’ blockheads in multiplayer which opens up the possibility of PvP battles. And the new portal chests allow you to take items from one world to another, which opens up greater multiplayer trading opportunities.

And of course there are the new HD Textures, available for purchase at $2.99 USD, these totally transform the look of the game.

Here’s an awesome trailer video showing what is new. It was created by Sam, who has been testing 1.4. It does a great job of showing off the new 1.4 features. (NOTE: It’s not actually out now!)


I’ll post the full release notes closer to release, but there are a few big changes to multiplayer that I’ll reveal now:

  • Newly placed beds, signs, chests, shelves, trains and workbenches are now owned by whoever placed them, and cannot be picked up or directly removed by other players. They also no longer despawn.
  • There is a new server command to reset the owner of a username
  • Banning users now also black lists their device, so they cannot reconnect with a different username and IP
  • Added new moderator category to servers that can only list, ban/unban, kick, and whitelist/unwhitelist other players.
  • Admins and hosts can now pick up and use all items regardless of who the owner is. Placing any picked up item re-assigns ownership to the host/admin. Dropping any item removes all ownership.
  • Fixes issue allowing people to log in as someone else on iOS 7, or when they were marked (AWAY)
  • Kicked/Banned players’ blockheads are now removed from the world instantly.
  • Fixes all known dupe bugs

Oh and one last thing, the Android version will be released at the same time as 1.4. It will be the same version, and even features cross platform online multiplayer! See this blog post from NoodleCake for more details:


Android 1.4 from launch! Thanks, was doubting the possibility of that! Can’t wait to try trains and set up a network of trains around world’s and all the electricity and armour items! Can’t get HD textures until Christmas when I get an iTunes card and/or a Google play voucher but they look really cool and I can’t wait to try them

OMG That is the most AMAZING thing ever! I cannot wait to update! Wish I could have beta tested that! It would have been AMAZING! :open_mouth: :smiley: That video was AWESOME too!

This is the best update ever. Maybe someday the blockheads will become as modernized as the real world.

Unfortunately I had to remove the link to the video for now, just waiting to hear back from Sam, but it should be back up again soon.

Glad you’re looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

OH MY GOD WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT (i fell like screaming about the portal chests and electricity and trains AND A FREAKING NEW MOB!!!)!!!

1-2 weeks is what I heard.

well thats crappy its already said by people about a month ago that it was releasing an a week or two :frowning:

That’s probably because a couple of bugs have been discovered (nasty little things, those bugs. And some are like cockroaches, kill it and it stays alive) and the HD textures took longer than Dave had expected. And the “week or two” now I think is just waiting for apple to check out the app.

Are you saying I’m nasty? Jk
Great job Dave!!! :slight_smile:

Yayayayaya new update

Oh my god that is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day, and I saw a gif of baby goats earlier. Look at them with their arms hanging out, they look so relaxed. I bet they’re talking about the new iPhones.

Considering it’s the biggest update yet, they’ll have a lot of stuff to iron out.

EDIT: forgot to say, YEAH MEALS!

Did you get the solar panels from my suggestion thread?

I suggested seaweed before, and kelp got in :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait dave between multiplayer worlds only or single player world can use portal chest too!


It’s gotta be said: YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!!

I sort of suggested solar panels in my satellites thread, and I suggested bows and arrows and cooking too! But so did a lot of other people… Anyways, soooooooooooooooo excited for the update! Great job Dave!

Or the new version. :slight_smile:

@Cockroach: interpret it however you want. But i was talking about bugs…

Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe there’s trains… I can finally build my train station! I can’t wait~ Sad, because I probably won’t be purchasing the textures. And a cave troll, oh my god I wonder how it looks like xD Anyways, good job Dave~:cool:

Probably. I don’t see why not.