Another troll encounter


As usual I placed a lantern into the dark ahead of me right next to a troll‘s head, lol. I hastily retreated and build a wall to stop the troll, who was following me. He gave up and returned but to my surprise he continued walking to the right beyond his base! He was trying to go the long way around and attack me from behind!:scream:

Troll is in the bue circle, if you look closely you can see my BH in the red circle.


Hahaha. It gives me a mild heart attack when I run into a troll that close. :joy: Wow sounds like one wiley troll!


I once came across two trolls in the same place. One was distracted so I took the chest XD. I tried to do the same with the other but it hit me and took half of my health. I’m like “FRICK THIS!” And just dug around them :disappointed:
I still wonder what was in that chest to this day but I’m still not strong enough to kill a troll :thinking:


That’s quite lucky, @SSundeeFan246!


Oh god they can climb


I found another one. Geez I’m not ready for you guys!!


Same here, put down a lantern in the dark and I heard my blockhead say ouch!

Also, had the opportunity to drown a troll. Never doing that again. You don’t get anything from a troll you didn’t kill with your own hand.

Tip guys, if you don’t like placing down stone, take a tin shovel and some dirt. And some ladders. You move faster than the troll anyway.

Once I climbed up ladders, quickly removed the bottom ladders and yeah, the troll couldn’t follow me.