(ANSWERED) Wait, were the forums down?

I was answering someone’s poll on the forums using Chrome for Android and a message came up. It said this:

MISCONF Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots, but is currently not able to persist on disk. Commands that may modify the data set are disabled. Please check Redis logs for details about the error.

Anyone know what this means and how we can fix it? Somehow my answer still registered but it still came up whenever I put in any answer :stuck_out_tongue:
I also received an “internal server error” while trying to post this thread. Then, it came up with Error 502 (bad gateway) and I wasn’t able to go on the forums AT ALL.
I logged back on later (now xd) and everything worked fine. So, were the forums down? That sounds like a reasonable explanation. If not, what went wrong?

The forums were down and were just fixed.

Ok, thank you. Marked as solved.

Yep, as soon as I woke up I saw they were down and jumped out of bed. The disk had filled up, so it was pretty easy to fix. Now I need coffee.


Glad to be back on the forums. :+1:

I’ve waken up! School day… Sigh… 7:10 in the morning… :tired_face: Hey, I wish I was Majic Dave… Though… You would need to get up extra early, have a coffee and get to work right away… I guess that’s not very relaxing either… But I’m sure you’re really proud of what you’ve done!

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Here you go;
:coffee: :coffee:


So do I. :coffee:


If you know me well enough… I don’t need coffee.

Glad this was fixed! :slight_smile:

What actually happened with the forum?

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It crashed and Dave fixed it.

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It happens.

I wanted to post this as well. But atleased it’s fixed