Anti-free tc


are you tired of hackers?
want to get rid of them from your server?
Your in the right place then!
our main server ran out of credit 2 months ago so we decided to search for a new base server!

chief: @PufflePuffle
co-chief: @bloky2018
chris and noe
blok bro 133


I would like your idea but I don’t think before you post this do you ask milla for a permission for this? Milla should decide first if she agree with this group.

Because me I only need this just a guide I know when player read it they realize but the others can just do it again because no one will stop them. Here a guide thread what I’m saying.

Besides what’s this for Dave can just patch again but for now, Tc safe can’t be used right now and if it works again we can just report it and probably soon as possible they’ll fix it and patch it again.


this team began in 2016


But it’s already 2018 and you joined in this forum May 16 exactly 2018 how come you created a group and began 2016?


i joined blockheads in 2014
i discovered forums in 2015
i joined forums in 2018


Then why didn’t you join the day you discovered the forum so you made the group exactly year you saying and is there a permission from Milla for this group?


for some reason i couldnt make an account then :stuck_out_tongue:




Then for some reason you cannot say you created this thread group year 2016 it is created the exactly year 2018.


it was a server group not a thread group


Oops but how can you report it to Milla in the year 2016 for sure you do something to them not only saying “Stop using pirated tc” because it just made arguments to the server and players.


what we did was go to free tc servers and try to convince them to stop using free tc and burning free tc in lava.


Ok I’m done with this probably player who has Tc safe in that year can just be duped it works for some players but a lot didn’t because why Dave change the credit world then if it works he found out mostly player creating cloud world was from pirated Tc so he had no choice to change it. I hope you tell to Milla if she agrees with this server or forum group. And I shouldn’t know if someone really wanted to make an anti pirated Tc group if the Tc safe can’t use anymore since it’s already patched. ~Pancake!


we also protect servers from hackers


Don’t we all?
It’s pretty easy to actually ban a hacker. Just ipban and if it comes while no staff in screenshot it.




hackers can unban them selves


So either keep ip banning them or message milla. Simple as that.


Tc is useless now
It’s easier to find good admins that you know and trust than to attempt using a 3rd party organization to help ban hackers

Hacking is practically dead, with many previous ways to hack being patched


Can you explain what this is? I’m a bit confused. Are you creating a server? Are you looking for a server? Are you making a club? Are you trying to promote anti-free tc use (from the title) or are you trying to curb hacking? And if so, how?