Anti-hacker code


So we all know hackers are destroying our servers.
It’s annoying and like bullying.
So I’m making an anti hack code!
It will stop hackers and the people using them.

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Is this a good idea?


There really is no real idea posted, how would this so called anti hack code work? I am intruiged, but this is incredibely vague so there really isn’t much to be interested in.


It’s impossible


I’d like to know more about this code.


While that is a great idea,
it isn’t possible without modifications to the actual client app or server software.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript can only be used on the welcome page and only interacts with the welcome page.


It’s actually a good idea, but since hackers “modify” the game’s code you would need to enter to the game’s code and change it, and I’m sure you will never be able to do that.
And even if you did, hackers will find a way.
By the way, I like how innocent you are, This forums need more people like you :slight_smile:


me and 2 friends are working on an app to end hackers


was it ll and ls?


kd and ll