Any changes to online experience since iOS update 1.7.3 installed?


I’d really like to hear from Apple players, with device details, and what, if anything, has changed for them since the update.

By device details I mean device type, generation, and iOS version, i.e. one if mine is iPhone8, running 12.2.

I’d also like to hear if using a VPN makes any difference either way, from those who utilise one.


I posted this on another thread, but it contains all the necessary information about my device:

Just tried using a VPN. No difference.


On my iPhone 7 (iOS 12.2) once I got the black walls cleared it was better and it so far has been way better as far as lag


iPhone 6S Plus running 11.3.1

Major improvement with fairly quick loading the map of well developed servers in zoomed out view. Previously everything would remain black regardless whether I have explored that area or not (as an admin).


Iphone 8 running 12.2
I‘m experiencing a lot less lag recently, the fog over undiscovered areas is disappearing much faster, I‘m less often trapped by black walls :smiley: This is amazing! :heart_eyes:
I‘m still experiencing connection issues on Multiplayer, but I‘ve been playing on a crowded server recently, I haven‘t tested it yet on other worlds.


Should I test multiplayer on other iDevices too?


I’d appreciate that, thanks. The more feedback we get the better :slight_smile:


iPad Pro 11 in iOS 12.1.4 and iPhone X iOS 12.1.2 (played on cellular data)

I can now play on skylands arena, a server that was previously unplayable. I was able to ride the green track at spawn with no difficulties, and handcarts were placed immediately.

Maze runner was playable, but it is so much faster now.

This new update is incredible. Thank you Dave and milla for all that you do for blockheads. You guys are awesome.


I tested multiplayer on an iPad Air 1st generation and an iPad Mini 2nd generation. They both lag when playing multiplayer too.


Similar to others, I have an iPhone8 on 12.2. The black macroblocks are MUCH less intrusive and vanish within seconds now vs. 30-60 seconds up to several minutes before. Placing things like handcars is much faster now. More like 1.6.x performance.

On some servers I still see disconnections and a sort of new thing for me is my screen controls freezing so that I have to exit out and log back in. That was primarily on Starlight Skys 4.


I still experience crashes like the command /stop, where everybody leaves and chat resets. However, it is reduced to the point where it is a bit more acceptable to the point where we can still play on Unihorse.
Chunks load quicker as what everyone says.

iPhone 5s, iOS 12.2

still a tradition to name what you were doing after crashing though..


One things bad happed is u can save limited servers in your home area
(Sorry for my english)


The iPhone 6 crashes when playing multiplayer too. Same goes for the iPod Touch 6th generation.


iPad 2 runs smoothly,went to random servers and everything is smooth as butter :smiley:


Wow, really?


iPhone 7 plus, iOS 12.2, no VPN-- haven’t really noticed much difference to be honest.


Starlight skies 4 crashed once,but its common on that server sooo…


512MB of RAM doesn’t handle big servers well.


I pad ios 9 a bit of lag sometimes but nvm


Do you know which iPad you’re using?