Any changes to online experience since iOS update 1.7.3 installed?


Nope lol
Edit: my iPad only lags when someone litters, on multiplayer the servers run pretty well.


the server crashed,not my devise.I don’t think my devise ever crashed when playing blockheads before…


In what way?


I take that back, @milla, I am noticing that it seems to take longer to load each world. I’m on my fast home WiFi with good signal, and it seems like any world takes a little longer to load before you see the welcome message. Hope this helps.


iPad Pro iOS 12.2, iPhone 6S iOS 12.2

Well, for me it’s night and day.

Prior: the black walls and fog would take FOREVER to dissipate and once it did it would return nearly immediately.

Now: Far fewer black areas and if I need to clear them, they go away quickly and remain revealed for the extent of time in that server.


Prior: flying or riding a handcart was impossible. I’d hit a black wall and stop for ages. When jetpack flying, I’d simply fly into these black areas which would never reveal no matter how long I stayed. I would need to log off or fly back out of the black to see anything.

Now: riding handcarts and flying into areas are a breeze. The map seems to reveal as intended, consistently just in front of my character. THis is a game changer.


Re: dropping and server crashes.
This is still happening but not as much for me as before. And not as quickly in succession. I do notice it happening to others quite a bit however.

Re: Lag
lag is lag is lag. If I’m mining a lot, lag is still an issue. I was clearing some areas last night in a server and there were definitely moments where my blockhead would just stop for a few seconds. Placing blocks as well last night was a bit laggy for me too. It didn’t seem like the number of players were the cause (while I was doing this sometimes I was the only one on). I think some actions just cause lag for your character. I don’t think the other players were experiencing the delay like I was. They seemed to be riding rails and doing actions without incident.

All in all, VERY happy about what I’m experiencing now.


iPad mini 2 … iOS 9.something.

I wasn’t expecting much of a difference because of how old my device is, however, I’ve noticed a bit better performance.

Less lag when zooming from bh to bh and less of a delay in mining…on SGE. Also, less loading time of welcome message and world. Similar on Unihorse! Still seeing latent grey spots, but they don’t last as long. Still getting disconnects but not as many or as often as before.

Again, thank you Dave and Milla for all you’ve done and are continuing to do!:two_hearts:


Just a quick question. Which generation of the iPad Pro do you have?


Just got disconnected randomly,kinda like a /stop command.


Oh, okay.


Iphone 6s Version 12.1.2

I don’t feel much of a difference in terms of smoother gameplay after the update in the developed servers where I had felt lag before the update. I still take 30 seconds to place down a single block and a minute for a chest to finish loading when I open them. However, in the servers I hadn’t experienced much lag in before the update, it feels like the game is running better with areas of the map loading a lot faster.

Edit: The server I still lag in a lot is Unihorse but in servers like Rabbithole and Skylands things load faster.


I wanted to say something my lag is back and worse it’s terrible it makes me angry