Any ideas on real life simple games that could be emulated in Blockheads?


So ive recently made a sudoku puzzle that could be used in a public server.

Might i ask for suggestions on some other possible games that could be emulated in blockheads?
let us disregard the difficulty of implementation like, protection signs, 2 player interaction, etc. Let us just focus on the providing concepts and how it could possibly look like.

So let me start, I was thinking maybe Checkers? we could probably have some painted back walls as the board and the pawns as red marble and lapis lazuli. Possibly even just dirt and stone


I believe there was chess, connect-4, tic-tac-toe, Pac-Man, hangman were made into Blockheads mini-games by @Thuthu and others.


Some things I’ve made in the past:

  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Connect Four (I wish we had a falling block…)
  • Tic Tac Toe


Capture the flag is one of them.


Might i ask what the pieces of chess were established with? seems quite hard since youd have 6 different pieces for each player, with a total of 12 different pieces that needs to be unique.


You could also do some sort of hunger games, by chopping down all the trees, disabling world modification, adding some structures with loot, etc.


Here’s a chess board started by Aubi on Creative of time. You can use paintings to make the chess/ checkers pieces. :slight_smile:


Paintings are exactly what I used :slight_smile: it was kind of a pain for non-admins to play but…

I had also built an earlier version (before paintings were introduced I think) that used a combination of gems and blocks in cabinets.

Asyc and I must have been typing at the same time ._.

A few more ideas:

  • Sorry!
  • Go (good luck finding people who will play)
  • Battleship (use darkness to obscure the playing field?)


About the darkness on battleship, might be a bad idea. Since darkness affects everyones vision, not just the opponent. Also battleships is practically a game where you dont need a board. Just have an imaginary ABC and 123 grid. Write on a piece of paper that you have a ship placed on B2 and then truthfully tell the opponent when he attacks B2. Now that i think about it, this could actually be a forum game with people just chatting words…if only we could trust each other that is.

However i do like the battleships idea itself.
How about this. Lets place 9 shelves creating a 6x6 grid of empty shelf spaces
Fill each shelf space with a chest.
For your battleship, place a dirt block inside a chest and place it inside the shelf.

When your opponent attacks, he could pick up a chest from the shelf and check if it has a dirt block in it.
First guy to collect 3 dirt blocks from the opponents grid wins.


I’ve started, and paused, making a Chutes and Ladders game in Skylands. The 10x10 board is in place, just been too busy to make the 100 paintings needed for the numbers in the corners. I’m also a little stuck in exactly how I want the hand cart rails to emulate Chutes… or using stairs instead to have player drop backwards on board.

Other ideas I’ve thought of making:
Simple Tic-Tac-Toe, Pente, Othello


I have tossed around what games columns could be used for. I think they would be perfect for a Connect 4 variation. Just use two different types and their mechanic only allows them to be stacked on the bottom or existing columns. possibly a variation could incorporate a defensive move where you can remove your own column. If that column supported a single opponents column, that column would fall as well. But you sacrifice your own position. So strategically, you need to try to “lock” your columns with 2 adjoining columns as well as forming a 4 across winning move.

Maybe columns could be used for Backgammon as well? The messagebot has a diceroller utility which could help.

I don’t know the name of it, but there’s a pen and paper game where you connect dots on a grid. When you form a closed box, you win that square. This could be done with “dots” as blocks and “lines” as columns, and won squares could be marked with a gem. Note: when you close two boxes with one line, you win both boxes. Whoever wins the most boxes wins the game.

The fishing rod is great for games of skill, like golf, shuffleboard, archery and novel games created by the players like “Worm BBQ” and “Fishing for Milla” (ok, ok, that’s not really a game).

Note about protection: Yes, protection is sometimes needed to protect elaborate boards, but it isn’t always necessary at all if the board can be created easily and is simple enough. If created underground, you have a stable background to work with. Painted squares can be easily repainted if damaged.