Any Quick Questions?



If you guys have any quick questions, aren’t bothered to post a long letter of what’s happening and going on and how people could help you, just post a short description and I’ll reply within seconds of you sending it, isn’t this a faster way? It’s also going to be a better way for people with not much time or whatever else, use this because…

  • It’s handy, just get online and post a question or something about me if you even want to.

  • Late for School? Post a quick question.

  • Want to find a new Blockheads server to join or confused about blocks.

  • Want some quick information about Blockheads or a Tutorial?

There’s loads of reasons to use this new service, this is unofficial but I hope we can use this to help the people that need to post their questions fast and get fast answers, if I’m not online you can also answer them if your on the post and have some time.

I thank you for checking out my service and I hope to see you around!

AuraShadow, xx


How do you make a good server?



Wanting to make a good server? Pick Survival or Creative mode and then follow the steps to which ever mode you have chosen.

  • Survival

You have picked Survivial, this is a Survival server, there will be PvP and people trying to beat up your land, before you make the public try crafting the benches and getting some items such as wood, dirt and stone, while searching for stone you can try and get some ores and try and find some jewels, try making some more blue portals and some Shops, create some buildings, invite some members and your server will start booming with buildings, you also need to remember to get the Protection Signs or people will destroy the buildings and the world instead of Creating inside it!

  • Creative

Your in for easy mode, just do the same as last time but make a huge spawn, a hotel, 2 shops and some other buildings and protect them, that should make your world start also you will need a train station underground and a bridge across the sea for more building, don’t forget there!

-I hope this Helped :heart:


Creative mode? What?


I think I thought about Minecraft there but I meant the Creative Servers you know what I mean


Custom mode?


Usually words aren’t in my mind at the time I make posts and then minecraft comes into my mind and I’ll get confused, thanks for correcting me lol.


Trying to replicate the forum in a single thread does not work. Closing.