Any suggestions on how I could make my greenhouse beautiful?


Put some vines around and maybe paint the glass?


Maybe make the whole thing glass?


Use a mix of black glass.

I’d curve the roof more. Extend the sides of the whole building so you have a less steep incline.

Looks great though! I’m not sure there’s much else that I’d change. :smile:

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I like it the way it is. I see we both share a love for simple wood designs. Just be careful with embers :grimacing:


Paint the wood white

Thanks for all of your suggestions guys I really appreciate it

Can we see what you do to it after all the suggestions? :upside_down_face:

I have a lot of projects in building my world so I scrap my greenhouse in a sense in fills up my hunger but in a aestetic sense in doesn’t look good

here are my projects
apple tower farm
dodo farm that separates different eggs
a factory

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You guys should probably try breeding hybrid tulips and making a farm for it. Its very satisfying and gives lot of joy. Heres are some pictures of my tulip farm
image image image image

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