Any way to obtain time crystals?

When i needed to make a portal for my first world, it requires 100 gems, there are 2 options- facebook, ads. Ads doesn’t work for me and facebook works. When i tried to pay for gems, ofcourse it doesn’t work. Any other way to get some?

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Are you on Android or iOS?

Have you found any time crystal blocks underground? They’re blue crystal blocks. When you break them you’ll get some tc.

Android 8 (virtual android)

You can do what @NYCCI suggested, or else you will have to find a trade portal, get 10 platinum coins, and wait for a job listing with 10 platinum coins for 50 time crystals to come up.

Yeah, that is the only way you can obtain time crystals in the Android version now. It is a slow process, but it is definitely worth it in the end! :slight_smile: