Anyone got a fix to any of these bugs?

alright gamers ive got a samsung galaxy s10e, and the android port of blockheads has several bugs that i cannot get around, please tell me if you have a fix for the following bugs:

a black bar appears at the bottom/side of my screen, preventing me from seeing my inventory (it is still able to be interacted with tho) (i want this to be fixed the most

a white screen will appear on start up and make me wait for several seconds before i can actually play

opening up things such as a welcome message or help/credits page will cause the game to become unresponsive and eventually crash

playing multiplayer causes the game to be unresponsive and crash (i want this to be fixed the most)

What android version are you running? Do the issues occur on startup?

Here is a solution.

i am running a samsung galaxy s10e on android 10. the white screen glitch always appears on start up.

@WumboJumbo Unfortunately the solution does not work

The black bar is fixed for me if I go to the recents menu and come back to the game. For the white screen there is no solution other than to wait. For any HTML stuff (like welcome messages, help/credits screen) try pressing the close button as fast as you can.

Some devices on Android 10 can’t get around this issue at all. Others, I’ve heard can only get around this by spamming back. Or maybe you’d have to time tapping the close button for some. Try these methods and see if they work. I’ve been trying to get around this myself, so tell me if there’s something else that happens to work.

I just upgraded my phone to Android 10, and I can confirm that you practically need to spam the close button to successfully connect to the server.

Ok - something interesting I found: the white screen bug does not happen in the 1.7.1 beta release on Android 10. So it must be an update after that started the problem

What about Android 11?

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it does exist but it’s in beta

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Android 11 does in fact exist. :wink:

That is because Android 11 is still in beta. You’re likely on the latest public release.

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I don’t have a Google Pixel to test, so not sure.

The welcome message freeze bug still occurs on the beta, however.