Anyone got methods to remove stone back wall?

Got a farm and need the back wall gone… anyone got any methods of how to do it?

actually stone back walls are not supposed to be removed but I know for sure you can if the back wall has at least 2 empty spaces next to it like this:

Edit: I did some further research and it seems like there is a method to remove stone back walls but it is rather complicated…

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Yes that what I was referring to, if there’s a way to do it but simply explained

What were you referring to?
Also it seems you need tiles that have no back wall directly above the stone back wall you want to remove.

What do you mean? And what blocks would those be?

I mean an empty tile, like an air block.

Wasn’t it patched when 1.7 was released?

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Ok so after doing even further research I have concluded that (maybe I was doing it the wrong way? or) it was patched.

You can remove back walls if you get it from a corner.
E.G if a wall was like this you could start by mining
this one :arrow_lower_left:

if a back wall is like this though,


then you can’t really do anything