Anyone have pics of builds of a church? In bh


Does anyone have pictures of church’s players have built in blockheads I need some inspiration


There’s one on one of my besties servers that we used but its out of credit @Skeeve or @Shariu might have a picture ?


This was on my old server, awww so good memories.


That looks so cool @Blueflower!


Here’s Notre Dame by Vladimirangel on SKeeve’s Giant Empire

here’s one I built on Skylands Odyssey

And an old, old one from Rabbithole


Oh wow really pretty


Is it a coincidence that you made this thread the day that one church on the news burned down?


Yeah heard nothing about a church burning down where I live


A couple more masterpieces by other players:


Down in Massachusetts. Anyways, let’s get back on topic.