Anyone have servers they would like me to join?


At the moment I’m only playing on a few servers, but I’d like to expand where I play.

Anywhere I should play? I’m good with Mac or Cloud and any type of server :slight_smile:


Definitely Maze Runner if you are up for a challenge.


Skeeve’s Exile!


A server that will die next week


SKEEVE’S GIGANTIC EMPIRE Seriously please join there. It’s not very active these days. It’s pretty much only active when there’s at least one person on. Usually it seems to be me or ElTaPa


You can always join Giants, even though you’re admin on there. :wink:

I agree that Skeeves-gigantic-empire is pretty awesome, Skeeve’s Exile kind of made all its players move there though.


Are you on Rabbithole already? Or Skylands Arena? I can’t recall.


I’ve played on both but I play more rabbithole than skylands, although I don’t play much of any server recently haha


You could try Dragonets. I might be getting a survival server soon. I’ll need help with it.