Anyone remember TMB_MINECRAFT?

Hi guys this is an old player who misses his server

What was the name of your server?

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It was TMBS World

It’s still there :slight_smile:

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It has a password

I didn’t put a password on it

Did one of your admins add it?

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Password as the world need password or the HTML welcome message popup haves a password?

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The world has the password and I think one of my Admins put it on

All I would want is for the server to be opened back up
I can show proof but I think enough proof is shown by the name of user

But I am going to buy a server :slight_smile: most likely but if I get this server back then I will add credit to my current old server

Is there anyway of changing your password on the Server Portal?

/set-password IIRC

? I am confused

Merged several posts in a row. One at a time please :slight_smile:

The chat command to set a password is “/set-password [password]”. This can also be used in the console in your owner’s portal.


I meant that I don’t the password to my Owner Portal

You should be able to access your Owner Portal at the game settings menu.
Settings->Links…->world owner portal…->visit portal
NOTE:DO NOT give away your owner portal password

If you go to your owner portal and can change it with a email if I’m not wrong

Thank you guys so much

Sadly you cant

Try contacting Milla she/he should be able to reset it

No, only the owner can.

I’ll PM you about removing that password, @Tmb.