Anyone seen this item

Ok. So I don’t really have it anymore since I lost it when accidentally deleting blockhead but it’s basically a generator that makes random trees spawn and items spawn from nothing and rapidly changes and also have weird lights from it. I think it was a hacked item a hacker made but idk. I’m just wondering if anyone has seen these as well. I think they only lasts 5 minutes after placing too.

Yes I have seen it. A wonderful relic that was mostly prevalent when the game was at its peak. Keep it when you get one (if you would like to, that is).

I haven’t seen one in forever I wish I could have one though.

It sounds cool

they’re not an eyesore but they aren’t pretty to look at, that’s how i’d describe them, you could afford to keep them but placing them i’m not sure how genius that is

Placing the item does not cause harm. Just a little, negligible eye “sore”. I know people used to stack these generators/furnaces (whatever they are, I forgot) and cause extreme deadly heat— but this can be done with anything that emits heat.

Moreover, the item is removable, and if it creates any problem to the area (remember the burden those irremovable workbenches were?), we now have the /repair command. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, I never singlehandedly experienced any permanent problem after placing this item (if you have, I would LOVE to know). Though I do not deem it dangerous to the integrity of the game, the use of the item is based on the discretion of its possessor.

If you do not like this item, then you do not have to place it. I just wanted to hopefully clear some misconceptions surrounding this type of item.

I thought they were patched in 1.7.

yes, i said they weren’t nice to look at, that is all

this one?

I don’t think I ever saw that item

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Wow :flushed:

picture taken by mjb332 on discord (sorry idk your forums name)

but credits to Jemni, as Jemni explained That was from the glitched/hacked generators that formed an illusionary tower of benches/items above it. Fixed in 1.7.

did that happen in the modern version?!

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This is the one, but it showed tree trunks instead

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thats certainly interesting though!

that is not the same one i remember, looks like a ghost version of it

This would be cool if I had it

This one? It still works after 1.7.x, here’s a rainbow unicorn to stamp ver. 1.7.x


fun fact, old graphics look like that,

new graphics:


Not really, it really just depends which kind of bench is modified, and at what value it’s modified at, as you can see I have two identical metal workbenches next to each other with different values, they don’t have the same pattern, there is no old or new, just depends of the value and bench. :slight_smile:

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I wish I had one it seems cool

switch from new graphics to old to new and you’ll see