APK Not Working, nor official Noodlecake website

For the Noodle Cake website: I’ve already cleared my cookies multiple times, tried using multiple different browsers, but the site won’t load. (Meaning I can’t download the “official” APK.)
For the APK: I’ve tried both 1.7.4 and 1.7.6 and neither will run, both will send me to a white screen for 5-10 seconds, then load the Blockheads game screen for about a second and immediately crash. (If anyone wants a screen recording, I have that as well)
I’ve restarted my phone, installed every APK version I can find (including the one recommended by the Blockheads reddit, APK mirror iirc), used an APK runner, restarted the app, cleared my cache, everything I can think of beyond wiping the phone.
All I want is a single player world, and to relive my childhood.
I have a Galaxy S-10 (maybe why it’s not working?) Android version 11/UI version 3.1

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Did you try downloading the 1.7.2 APK? I’m pretty sure users are saying that works. Also I think the Noodlecake website is currently down (including their email surprisingly, so if you want to get the game, your gonna have to do it from a third-party website, just be careful because it’s very risky!

I was going to try and get the download link for you, but Noodlecake Studio’s website is down on my end too.

APKMirror is a safe website so they can get the 1.7.2 APK from there. Apparently APKMirror doesn’t have the 1.7.2 APK, RIP

I downloaded 1.7.2 APK using apkpure. But I tried to install apk file, It gives error “the package appears to be corrupt”.

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Apparently only 1.7.3+ work

Guess I’ll try version 1.7.3 on my tablet later.

For the record, the official end of support for The Blockheads on Android is probably the reason for the 404.

If I try to visit the website it tells me to reset my cookies and that didn’t fix it…

The APK file itself is still being hosted on Noodlecake Studio’s website: https://noodlecake.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/theblockheads1.7.6.apk

It would probably be worth updating the link in this topic.