App Crashes At Welcome Message

I have a Galaxy s20 and the game crashes whenever I try to join a server. It freezes on the welcome message and takes a few tries to get my phone to snap out of it and let me close the app. It’s not any specific server and I already tried reinstalling the app but it didn’t do anything.

The Blockheads is notable for being nearly unplayable on modern Android devices. You’re not alone. :slight_smile:


If that’s so, then it is a HUGE problem that should be addressed…


I agree fully that this should be taken care of, but I don’t think a bugs fix update will come available. I think the bugs will just make the game completely unplayable all together and that’ll be the end.


android updates were less common before, and then become more common to address the more bugs, noting noodlecake studios is for the android version

nothing wrong with them, the issue is communication, it’s key, and it’s harder for the android version due to a lot of the inactivity and slowdown in the game, particularly multiplayer


At present Google is not permitting the update to fix a number of issues through, because it doesn’t meet certain criteria.


Other notable bugs include being stuck on a white screen at startup, instability when switching between the game and other apps, ads for time crystals not being available at all, etc.

I have tested the current version of The blockheads with three different phones (not including iphones)

Pixel 4XL BUILD RP1A200720009 - Android version 11
Pixel 4XL Build QD1A190821011 - Android version 10
Pixel 3XL Build RP1A2007200009 Android version 11

I’ve had the above mentioned issue with all three devices, I’m also getting it on older versions of the blockheads; and previous releases of Android operating system.

What’s the exact issue (if known)? Please tag me or link me if it’s been mentioned on the forum. As I’d love to fix this, so I can actually play.

As far as I’m concerned, the Android version of the game just isn’t optimized for newer devices.

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I have this issue on my S8, luckily It only last a few seconds and not minutes / infinite. And even then I have an Iphone to play on.

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It is only the more recent Android builds. I’m not sure how far back though.

My Android tablet is running 5.1.1, and Blockheads is fine. I have no plan to update and risk that, as I mainly use the tablet for playing Blockheads.

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Have you tried version 1.7.1?

1.7.1 wouldn’t that be a very old version on older versions some games u can’t download bc the phone is out dated

I meant version 1.7.1 of The Blockheads, version 1.7 doesn’t even exist for Android.

On many android 10/11 phones you can sometimes get past this by spam tapping where the close button will appear on load. Just tap as fast as you can, jitter tap if you have to. As an Android 11 user, I understand that it can be very annoying to have to do this every time, but after trying literally everything I could think of, this is currently the only way to join a server as far as I know.

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I meant android version

after closing the welcome message, i just get a blank bkack screen. anyone know how to fix?

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Tends to work here randomly, at other times it shows a black screen.