App crashing when opening worlds

My game will open to the screen to pick a world, but once I try to connect to a world it takes me to the welcome message screen and then the game crashes and takes me to my phones home screen, I have an IPhone 8 and this all started today, 5/28/20, I have tried restarting my phone, clearing the app, nothing works.

edit I can now make it onto custom worlds only but not survival, which are the only worlds I use so I still need help, personally I cannot stand custom worlds

Oh, have you tried offloading it already?

On Android you can get around this if you stay in the welcome message for 10 seconds or so and wait for everything to load in the background. Though i don’t know if this applies to IOS.

I’m not sure how to offload an app, is that in settings or in the game itself?

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I just tried that and it also didn’t work, I’ve realized I can use offline worlds just not online, I’ve tried both WiFi and data but online worlds, which are all I use, will not work

I’m going to private message you to see what’s going on :slight_smile: