App deleted - account


so I let my brother play my phone and he deleted the app, is there a way to retrieve my old acc, it has a lot of important stuff that I would really like to get back.
I think I’m suposed to sent a code/number thing to @milla, but I have no clue.
(I’ll be gone for 2 days or so)


If you have your old ID you can send it to Milla and have her combine it with your new one. Id suggest privately messaging her about this. Do not share your ID with anyone but her. Do not post it anywhere in the forums either but keep it private.


what if I don’t have the old id?


Then id suggest just contacting her anyways she may not be able to get it back but check and see if theres another way. Im pretty sure if you can give her a few users from the account you lost she can still merge them but I’m not 100% sure on that.


Do you think he could’ve offloaded the app?


If it was single player I don’t believe you can.
If it was multiplayer, the game is stored on blockheads server so yes.


What happens if you join a cloud world with your favourite online in-game name?


how does that relate to my post?
I really don’t want to have to restart from scratch


Your answer, if you answered me, would give me all the information I need to proceed in advising you.


OH I understand, no he didnt delete my world, he deleted the app, and my phone automatically deletes the data if the app is deleted, that help??


Milla wants to know what exactly happens when you try to join a cloud world (=any cloud world) with your old in-game name. Does it perhaps show something along the lines of “the name has already been taken”?


yes it does exactly that


Thank you. I will PM you shortly.