Apple Announces New 27-Inch iMac With 10th-Gen Processors, Up to 128GB RAM, 1080p Webcam, True Tone, and More

Apple has refreshed the iMac. Most notably, it now comes with a 1080p camera on the front and a True Tone display.

Im just a tad bit surprised the webcam is only 1080p, it seems like the norm of today is 4K. But 1080p is still great quality don’t get me wrong.

It would seem a bit of a waste to put a good camera on a computer.

It’s really not. Most people who are gonna buy a computer like that, are looking for the highest quality camera that they can find.

That isn’t necessarily true.

Regardless, a 1080p webcam will be nice.


If you plan on buying the nano-texture glass model, read this article.

Oh, and benchmarks have begun to surface online.

Regardless it’s nice yes. But that puts Apple behind all of its competition.

I don’t know of a single computer that comes with a built-in 4K webcam. They usually come with 1080p webcams (sometimes even 720p webcams).

Apple isn’t behind in webcam quality when it comes to the iMac and iMac Pro.

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Many people make a living from their webcams. This is a good way to attract them.

I really enjoyed this review. Definitely worth the read. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah having the highest quality camera is very important for streamers and sit down channels on Youtube & Twitch.

Streamers and sit down channels are likely not the majority though, so for the most part, they aren’t exactly the target market.

They’re only one sector of people who need a good web camera, but yes, they are included.

128 GB of RAM is outright ridiculous for a typical person. I would immagine, however, that this huge amount of RAM would be just right for someone.



Take advantage of this sale while you still can! :slight_smile:

Yeee… I have seen video editing programs eat 20GB of RAM.

The internal changes in the new iMac have been revealed.

Damn that’s hot.

The specs are.

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