Apple Event - November 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST (SUMMARY AVAILABLE)

Apple Event

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Here are the products that were announced at the event! :slight_smile:

From the official Apple website:

M1: Small chip. Giant leap.

Packed with an astonishing 16 billion transistors, the new M1 chip integrates the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O, and so much more onto a single tiny chip. Combined with the new macOS Big Sur, M1 delivers category-smashing speed, mind-bending graphics, and power efficiency and battery life that defy belief.

MacBook Air

Our thinnest, lightest notebook, supercharged by the M1 chip. A powerful Apple CPU. Next‑level graphics. A silent, fanless design with up to 18 hours of battery life.
Available starting 11.17

MacBook Pro 13"

The M1 chip comes to MacBook Pro. Bringing far more power. Incredible graphics. An advanced Neural Engine for enhanced machine learning. Superfast unified memory. And up to 20 hours of battery life — the longest‑ever battery life in a Mac.
M1 chip models available starting 11.17

Mac mini

The M1 chip takes Mac mini to the next level. Incredible performance, speedy graphics, superfast unified memory, and a powerful Neural Engine bring unprecedented capability to our most versatile, do‑it‑all desktop.
M1 chip models available starting 11.17

M1 chip


MacBook Air

MacBook Pro 13"

Mac mini

If you want to learn more about what was said at the event, please visit the MacRumors website. There is way too much news for me to cover. :sweat_smile:

There was no way I couldn’t go without mentioning that John Hodgman has made a return! :partying_face:

The M1 chip is receiving a lot of praise!

The M1 chip will likely see itself featured in more Macs.

If you cannot decide between buying a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, take a look at this guide.

This is crazy!

Microsoft is preparing a version of Office that natively runs on Apple Silicon.

Affinity Photo is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. I can’t wait to see how it runs on the M1 chip!

More developers are beginning to take advantage of the M1 chip.

It won’t be long until people have their hands on Apple Silicon Macs!

The M1 chip ended up being better than Apple expected.

Darkroom is now compatible with Apple Silicon Macs.

If you cannot decide between buying a Mac mini with Apple Silicon or a Mac mini with an Intel chip, take a look at this guide.

Well, this is bad news.

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X have been updated to improve performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple Silicon.

Fantastical is now compatible with Apple Silicon Macs.
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Here are a couple of apps that have been updated with native support for Apple Silicon Macs.

The M1 chip is proving itself to be very capable.

The M1 chip is surprisingly powerful!

The day has come!

I cannot wait to see even more tests!

Apple wasn’t lying.

Adobe Photoshop will soon run natively on Apple Silicon.

Oh, finally!

Apple Silicon Mac reviews are all over YouTube now.

Reviewers are very pleased with the performance of the M1 chip.

The M1 chip keeps on impressing me!

Holy cow!

Be careful with your Mac!

Google Chrome now runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Pixelmator Pro 2.0 runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Steve Jobs would be proud to see the power of Apple Silicon.

The M1 chip is soldered onto the logic board.

Apple’s battery health management feature cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon Macs.

The M1 chip is definitely more efficient.

Well, it looks like Apple Silicon Macs will be able to run iOS apps that aren’t in the Mac App Store.

The M1 chip keeps on proving itself to be an absolute beast.

Twice as fast? It is hard to be surprised at this point.

The transition to Apple Silicon is being acknowledged by the mainstream media.

Other than the M1 chip, Apple hasn’t changed much of the internal components inside of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (the MacBook Air no longer has any fans though).

The M1 chip seems to come on top in every single test.

What a steal!

This is confusing.

The version of Google Chrome for Apple Silicon Macs has been found to run up to 80% faster than the Rosetta 2 version.

I really hope that Microsoft caves in.

Astropad and Luna Display now run natively on Apple Silicon.

Apple has provided instructions on how to fix macOS installation errors on Apple Silicon Macs.

These are some bizarre performance differences.

Here is a comparison between the current Apple Silicon Macs.

Are there even people out there who use six external displays simultaneously?

There is a loophole in the system?

More Apple Silicon Macs will definitely be released in 2021.

Some Macs with the M1 chip are reportedly having Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Things are getting funky.

If you cannot decide between buying a MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon or a MacBook Pro with an Intel chip, take a look at this guide.

Here is how you can tell which apps are optimized for Apple Silicon Macs.

This is a great accomplishment!

Here is everything you need to know about the M1 chip.