Apple Internal Firmware

So you guys using iOS right? Have you ever hear one of infamous Apple’s firmware before? It’s SwitchBoard (for shortcut it’s SB). An non-ui to develop some earlier apple devices
You can read this here:
NOTE: this topic is used for education purposes about Apple unreleased firmwares (Non-UI or Internal UI)

It looks interesting!

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Yes, there’s leaked .ipsw codename “HoodooYabuli” SB 5.1
Compatible with:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPad first gen (it will brick if you try it)
iPad second gen
iPod (idk, was from 2 or 4th gen)
You can do that via using redsn0w by pwned to DFU
Then use iTunes 11 to download it (because confinement apple stuff, unfortunately I can’t send the link otherwise apple will spank me)
Then tethered boot with redsn0w
This is first gen iPod with SB (image wasn’t taken by me, from respective owner)

@WumboJumbo, here’s some apple internal firmware versions:

This variant is on the model of iPhone 6 or 7. If you find older version of SB, there’s should a app called SkankPhone