Apple Music

Billie Eilish? I wonder how people will react. :thinking:

It will be interesting to see how Porsche handles the implementation of Apple Music.

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The radio station should’ve been renamed a long time ago.

If you live in Canada, this might interest you.

“Workout Mix” sounds like a much better name.

Apple Music now features soundtracks from your favorite movies!

This is a great collaboration!

Apple Music for Android has been updated.

Apple has announced the winners of the second annual Apple Music Awards.

Shazam is offering users up to five free months of Apple Music.

This is particularly interesting.

Apple Music is now accessible on more devices.

If you’re a new TikTok user, you could get access to Apple Music for four months. It will not cost you anything either!

I wonder what took Tesla so long to add support for Apple Music.

Oh, what a nice playlist!

How sweet!

They couldn’t have picked a less confusing name?

Compared to Spotify, Apple Music is much more beneficial for artists.

Apple Music is expanding to Apple’s other services too!

What kind of music does your city like? Find out now! :smile: