Apple Pay

If you use Opera, you’re in for a treat!

More people that live in Germany will have access to Apple Pay! :grinning:

Apple Pay is becoming available in more banks throughout Europe.

I find it funny that Boon is shutting down, largely due to the fact that non-contact payment methods are all the rage these days (for obvious reasons).

This might interest you if you live near the D.C. area.

Great news! :grinning:

Free drink? :yum:

If you use Apple Pay and you live in Japan, this might interest you!

Apple Pay might imminently become available in Mexico.

Apple Pay with Express Transit mode is now available in Chicago.

Apple Pay will be available in Israel by the end of the year.

Props to American Express!


Apple Pay is under scrutiny right now.

Better late than never!

Holiday discounts? Great!

Apple Pay will not be available in Mexico until 2021.

If only it was DoorDash…

This is long overdue!

Why did Navigo have to be so stubborn?

Do people even use contactless payment methods in South Africa?

Yes. They use the same technology the rest of the world uses. Why wouldn’t they?