Apple Unleashed - The New MacBook Pro is Unveiled

Yesterday during their second Apple Event of the fall, Apple revealed the next generation of MacBook Pros, along with the new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors.

The new laptops notably backtracks on many changes made in previous models, re-adding an HDMI port, a full sized SD card slot, as well as reintroducing the beloved MagSafe charger. Also notable was the removal of the Touch Bar in favor of full sized function keys.

The laptop also featured an impressive screen, a Mini-LED panel that falls just a bit shy of true 4K. The screen also feature reduced bezels, resulting in a notch at the top of the screen to accommodate the upgraded 1080p webcam.

But it’s all about those crazy chips. Just trust me, the numbers are insane.

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What about the new AirPods? :question:

I mean they are basically AirPods Pro without the silicone tips and active noise cancellation so… woo?

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Oh, and then there’s this… :lol:

Yeah, I’m pretty excited to read how the new M1 max and M1 Pro chips will preform.

Is anybody excited about this? I have a feeling that nobody actually is… :confused:

I personally think it’s a useless subscription since it restricts the full potential of siri with a paywall. 5 dollars per month is ridiculous just for it to have voice controls and smart playlist making. I’m at least glad they revived the MagSafe charger for MacBooks.

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apple airtag pro max+ is gonna come at this rate