Are servers dead?

I went to my friends server called ‘gollendale’ 4-3 days ago, no one was there.
Every day I went to that server, and no one was there.
Every time I check it says no one is there
And now it’s out of credit.
Is there a problem is with the connection or my friend just didn’t play for a long time maybe even betrayed me?
If you have the same problem tell me about it.
The server use to have 2-5 players every day!
I go around the server and check if anything changed,

Not all servers are dead, Giants is still extremely active and same as Skeeve’s exile.

Hymn is active but it’s whitelisted

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Well what happend to ‘gollendale’?

Probably has to do with the credit update, I’ve never been on that server

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Will it ever go back up some day?

To elaborate on what DeadlyPotato said, it’s likely that the owner couldn’t afford to pay the in app purchase it now takes to add credit for a server. He was probably relying on TC.

I would say it’s time to find a new server home that has future plans to be supported.

Here’s a list:


I once had 8-11 people on bloky.

Your friend’s server went inactive, so the best idea is to ask your friend what happened.

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Then there would seem to be a lack of foresight and planning in your friendship.



The same thing happened on blocky prison. Me and my friends played on another server and the owner banned one of them and the other left to. :slightly_frowning_face:

They would’ve suspended, but never came back.

If it was the connection, they would’ve joined back like everyone else would.
Being inactive is not relevant to betraying.
Maybe the credit update has forced your friends to give up on that server.
They would tell you, but they probably forgot.
So text or call them, if they’re really your ‘friends’ as you claim.

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I don’t even see Skeevie in one of his own servers that used to have people come in it everyday :confused: