Are some of the Discourse Badges broken (pic)

I’m viewing the forums from my iPhone 8+

Most badges have shapes (star, heart, clock, etc), but 7 badges only have an empty square. It doesn’t seem like it’s supposed to be the shape of the badge.
The badges are: Promoter, Campaigner, Respected, Admired, Champion, Regular, and Leader

Are they supposed to look like this? Do people on other devices see the same thing or something different?

I see the squares too on mine I wonder if it’s just phones? I’m on an iPhone 6 maybe someone could look on a computer

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I’ve let Dave know both forums are due for an update.


Same thing on desktop Safari.


I think another badge has broken since then.

The broken badge images seem to be img tags with a broken src. The badge images that are actually working seem to be svgs.

Another badge broke.

I think I just found a solution to the problem.