Are the Cloud Worlds Down?

Is anyone else seeing this message when trying to access the Cloud Worlds?


All other WiFi-based apps work just fine and I have no known issues.

Has COVID-19 come to Blockheads? :scream::scream:


It‘s still working for me. :slightly_smiling_face: It just takes three times longer than normally to join a world :no_mouth:

I’m going to try and join a cloud world now.

Edit: Well that was fast, it only took a few seconds for me.

Bruh it always does that. Nothing is wrong just wait a few seconds.

Well naturally, I would not have created this post if I hadn’t at least done that. In fact I waited a few minutes and the world still never loaded.

I’ll try again this morning.

Edit: Nope, nothing after several minutes of waiting and trying on multiple devices. Next step is to go to a different WiFi.

Edit: All seems well now. A weird issue happened whereby my connectivity worked for some internet sites but not others. Shutting down and restarting cleared it.

That old IT advice, “Have you turned it on and off again?” Seems to work very often!:joy:


Up until the point where it gets annoying.

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