Are there any active servers as of now?

Hi! It’s been a while since I played this game. Now that I’m able to play it a bit more, is there any active server to play on? I remember when there was a lot of active servers on this game, and I feel like it wasn’t active as before. Hopefully anyone could give any servers that are active. Thank you!

I don’t you want I could PM you my server :slight_smile:

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Try these:

Here are the servers categorized by various features:



Huh, I’ll check these servers later, thanks anyways!

I’ve just created a server named Lunar Skies if you want to check it out

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Sure, I’ll check it out soon.

I have a server in progress. As of now, it is privated, but it will be open to the public eventually. I’ll be posting about it.

I haven’t seen a full server in a while I really want to see at least one with 16 players some time.