Are there any blockheads knockoffs?

I don’t know a lot of games have knockoffs but those games are widely popular. I’m just curious.

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what is that game, terraria or something?

I hear there is this video game called “Minecraft” that ripped it off. :lol:


Man it is so poorly executed and copied off of blockheads!

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ah yes minecraft came out in 2009, terraria came out in 2011, but blockheads in 2013 but notch and red went forward in time to rip blockheads off, yes, that’s how it happened

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I’m not sure if you didn’t get the joke or are trying to make it seem as if you didn’t get the joke

i’m also joking

huh, lol

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Hey wait weren’t you on for the Worthy or kingdom wArs

2013 < 2009 yes much logic

Nah it’s a knockoff. Dave used some reverse time crystals and made blockheads and then Minecraft copied them… yep

yes this is big brain time

Big brain time indeed

I quit alittle bit ago but still semi active on the forums

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I haven’t seen you around.

Yes, such logic

i know, the logic that has been the case for all of logical existence, absolutely because historians believed that number was definitely larger

such wise words wow