Are there servers that forum members play on?


Is there a server that everyone or mostly everyone in the forum play in?


Giants, Skeeve’s Exile, Trade Steppes, The Maze Runner, Outside The Blocks. Those are all very fun servers. I reccomend them.


Thanks, I will check out these servers when I have the time




I can recommend mine of you’re looking for a server who is continuously/daily active. Some of the forums members play there as well.


Creative of Time seems to be revived.

I’d also recommend Maze Runner and Unihorse.


Ailes, when it’s released.


I also recomment what the other person said ‘Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire’

I play there often. And everyday, regulars appear and I meet new people that pop up every now and then. Even sold or gave stuff away. If you pop up there, Sora or Echo will be able to help you out. One of them will teleport to spawn. Me, ElTaPa, are going around the famous rail that stretches all the way around the world. It’s pretty impressive.


Pixmilla feels inactive recently.