Are you good at math? (TEST)


Im in elem school in one of the hardest schools in the country USA… i have to learn prealgebra this was easy…


In my school district you learn multiplication in 5th grade and prealgrbra in 6th…



Good for you, here’s a medal :medal_sports::roll_eyes:


I learned pre algebra in 4th grade. I don’t think it’s a big deal.


Just like all my math tests…I guessed to victory.


I doubt that, even the super smart kids in my school didn’t take Algebra until 7th grade.


Normal hectopascals take algebra in 8th grade here


Algebra is a zetta annoying sometimes


Pre-Algebra is typically taken in 8th grade unless you take advanced classes.


Guess I’m advanced for my class then…


Our school gives pre-algebra in 7th, and in 6th for advanced students

I am learning Geometry next year


number 5 is only in America. in NZ it is either BODMAS (brackets, operations, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction) or BEDMAS (’’, exponents,’’,’’,’’,’’).


Division first? Well that’s an issue…


I thought multiplication and division were interchangeable…? Ah, well. All I use is the Pythagorean theorem nowadays.


Here in the USA it’s Multiplication and Division left to right (so it can also be vice versa)…

Division first can cause some calculation problems…


Order of operations:
Parentheses L to R
Exponents L to R
Divide and Multiply L to R
Subtract and Add L to R



When people in my school say BEDMAS, It’s was taught and Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. That’s how I would say it, although the Division & Multiplication are interchangeable, as well as addition & subtraction. That’s probably what @AtomSmasher was saying, like what you had meant as well.


the MAS of a BED is 3838728321329 kg

you do multiplication and division left to right, whichever comes first
SAme with + and -
\thats how i was taught
we would to x then ÷

we would do ÷ then x


No, for real. It’s not like it’s something you’ll never figure out.


Harvard kids…


Harvard is a law school, kids that are good at math could go there but I don’t see why they would. It would be better for them to go to an engineering school or something like that.