Are you good at math? (TEST)


alright, heres one, Solve 2x +4X/21 -21= 3/7-9/24 +9X
solce for X


2X+(4X / 21)-21 = (3/7 - 9/24)+9X
2X+(4X / 21)-21 = (72/168 - 63/168)+9X
2X+(4X / 21)-21 = 18.67+9X
-2X+2X+(4X / 21)-21 = 18.67+9X-2X
(4X / 21)-21+21 = 18.67+21+7X
(4X / 21) = 39.67+7X

This is as far as I can think, don’t know what else to do.


Muiltply everything by 21 to get rid of the fraction,


Alright, ill show you how this works, you use the distributive property in this aswell.
8x+4/6-24X-(x-45)/6 = 9x-x-(5-8x)/3+6
First step:muiltiply everything by 6 to get rid of the fractions, you want those gone immediately. After we muiltiplay everything it will look like this:
48x+4-144x-1(x-45)=45x-6x-2(5-8x)+36 now you Do the ditribhtive property
48x+4-144x-x-45=45x-6x-10-16x+36 now you collect loke terms on both dies of the equal sign
-97x-39=23x+26 then you subtract from both sides
+39. +39
-23x. -23x
-120x=65 now you put them bith into fractions
X=13/24 thats your answer.