“Are you sure?” pop-up when using time crystals

A ‘Are you sure you want to use 000 time crystals?’ pop-up would be helpful.

How does it work?
If your using more than 50 time crystals, then a pop-up like this should be shown.

There will be a switch to disable this in the pause menu.

Are you sure you would like to use [number of time crystals] to [action such as speedup, craft]?

How is it useful?

  • In case you misclick.
  • When your touchscreen doesn’t respond correctly.
    Therefore, you don’t use 1,000 time crystals accidentally when speeding up crafting a bunch of fuel at once by accident.

Is there a way to disable this if added?

I like this. Can’t tell you many times I wasted Tc on things I could have easily patiently waited for. Or with teleporting a great distance to a portal that I would have been fine manually travelling to.


What you could do is you can make it a new default, but then make an option in the settings where you could turn it off if you didn’t want the pop up every time. that way, by the games default design, they couldn’t be held responsible if you accidentally spend crystals you aren’t supposed to, but every player can have the choice to have the warning or not.


Yeah, I prefer the choice to have the pop up or not.


You don’t know how many times I wasted time crystals because of the game freezing…
Probably about 500 at the least.
This would be AMAZING!!


Added switch in pause menu.

100% support this.

To many times have I tried to multitask and failed.


I love this idea!

yes yes yes
Many times i have wasted 200 tc and a lot of walking accidentally teleporting to some isolated portal

Buying 0 time crystals for $1000000

Dave will need a new bank account if people buy that

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