Aries - Closed

Aries will be a survival mac server where you will need to craft things yourself. there are no starters in this world so you will need to go out and work for your own things or sell fruits/wood for money for discovering things.

Everything will be directly at spawn so it will be easy to get to the things you need to get too. You will need to go out eventually and build and survive. but let spawn be a temporary home. :slight_smile:

This server is being hosted by wingysam.

Server things, To join :slight_smile:


Server rules: Read them, otherwise you will be banned.

  1. Do not use any in-game exploits, cheats or duplication glitches. You will be instantly banned if caught.

  2. Raiding, Griefing, and Stealing is allowed in the outer world (like far away or in freebuild). Unless the building is awaiting protection. (Also, do not grief the rails for the planned worldwide railway system.)

  3. Language that is (NSFW) or (Not Safe For Work) is not allowed, an example is the F-word. You will be banned for using this.

  4. Do not bully, harass or assault people. You will be banned if done.

  5. Do not date, mess around (in an 18+ manner) or any of that stuff, you will be banned from this server.

  6. Do not ask for admin, same goes for anything. You need to work for these types of things, not ask for them. (See Useful tips/FAQ page on how to earn mod or admin.) (you may ask for assistance around the map though)

  7. Do not spam the chat using emojis, or blank infinite text boxes. You will be banned if caught.

  8. Do not use the reports feature to send false reports, You will be instantly banned for false reporting even just one time!

If you do not read the rules you may be warned, or even banned from the server. In severe cases you may even be banned from all servers from wingysam’s Mac service. So behave yourselves and read the rules.

World rules:
CREATED: MAR 6, 2019 - 10:07 PM
PVP: ENABLEDSylentlys_pet
SEED: 1551928035


Excuse that, i removed that not long ago.

Anyway i am putting the new logo in, it will look the same except for one thing. The 2

The 2 has a different shade of green.

Land of paradise 2 has been formed!

And not long ago I did the first quick join session ever. :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you name the server Land of Paradise 2?

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Broke the 16 char limit

Name it Land of Paradise2.

Still breaks the 16 char limit, and i can’t rename it now as it has already been created.


Wumbojumbo, i do not care. sorry.



In the WM, you can also say what it stands for, or you can change it to L.O.P 2 if you want. I’d do the first option.

it clearly states what it means as i have put the logo in the main part of the welcome message. :slight_smile:

Oh right, sorry,
Not to be offensive, but you’re kinda being a meanie lol. Just watch the phrasing and tone.

sorry about that. added a smiley face :slight_smile:

It’s all good. It happens to the best of us


This is what I am talking about… I keep finding trolls near each other!

This is my fourth one :confused:


Build a zoo and put them there!

While i was in the mines I found a fifth one.

7th cave troll, on another island and I found a diamond!