Aries - Mac World Server (Opening April 1st)


7th cave troll, on another island and I found a diamond!


That’s not the tip of it, just as I killed one another one came up. And then I killed that one and another one came up.

What is up with these trolls!


Wow. That’s a lot…
this world open yet?


No, i don’t have plans to open for a while until everything is done


Why kill them?


You destroyed something that could have been a bigger cultural treasure dude, that’s why the dodo got extint.
(Bad choice of words, right?..)


Alright, may as well leak what spawn may look like, though is not complete these are my plans :slight_smile:

Under spawn will contain the basic crafting area, needed for survival.

Then you may have noticed the subway is now at the surface rather then deep. I want it to be as accessible as possible.

Then what I may do is add the newcomer APTS under spawn for easy access.

Then a farm to the left of spawn, will contain choppable trees and all types of trees and plants if I do that.

But idk, what do you think I should add. Leave your answers down below :slight_smile:


Build a city hall.


Here is a teaser for the ravine flyer 3, a completely new track.


Can i be of help in any way? Or are you doing this by yourself?


PM me if you want to help, but i may not answer until later

i have to go to the movies


Ok!! have fun at the movies


Alright, i am in need of no more helpers as i think i have enough.

Thanks to:

For helping out with the server


AFAIK @milla does not cloud ban people playing on Mac servers, is this correct?


If anyone is willing to become a helper for placing tracks for the worldwide track PM me. i will let you use the portal chest i have so you can get the money to do it.




Also, if you meant with the ravine flyer 3. I can do it myself.

But anyway I forgot to post about this, but this is what the new starter hotel/apartment will look like. :slight_smile:


Important news:

I have decided to change up opening plans and i have now decided on a date of opening.

Drum roll please…

April 1st!!

:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

Though i see this a problem, i promise this is the actual opening as i will not lie about it. Now do not think this is an early April fools as it is not. :slight_smile:

I hope you can attend the opening on this date.

Any credit/points that players previously earned on LOP can now be transferred into gold coins, 20 to be exact with the only thing being is that you can transfer 55 points maximum.

For now, i hope this goes out all well.

Just to clarify: This is NOT an april fools joke, this is for REAL!

Please also note Lying is a bad thing to do


Server news:

After a lot of work I believe by the team, and I placing tracks it has now reached anti-spawn and 3/4 poles!


Beside the north pole only having 3 tracks missing for reasons like losing your train/handcar the worldwide railway system is almost complete!