Ark's builds and pixelarts


Feel free to laugh!

Here are two piggies.
My tulip farm.
My cave trolls house.
And here is my IGN in 3D.


Are those compost blocks a tulip farm?
That looks like a pretty good set-up for Genetic Tinkering.


:heart_eyes: TROLL :heart_eyes:

And yeah that tulip farm looks pretty organized. It makes my OCD happy. :lol:


I love the pig Ark! And the cyclops. LOL


I made a lil’ temple/meditation spot.


ohhhh, a meditation/temple build is a good idea… I’d have shelves on the wall to store all the meditation rewards…

ha ha ha ha ha… yes, they are cool pixel art… jovial, fun… LOVE the Troll in a troll… ha aha ha

Your tulip farm makes me want to share my tulip farm design… hmmmmm… another time… am still working on mine… on a few servers.

Do share more pixel ark’s… Art. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good work @Ark1


I built a handcar race track!

Not as good as @jemnidad’s handcar race tracks, but i guess this is a start!


Ooh, I’ll come race ya. :smiley:


Hehe, you know who will win(not me)…but if you dare, it is on the server “potato man” by mardius.


Good work! I don’t do handcars myself, but I like to see courses.


I made this moon surrounded by clouds. Im quite happy with it.


I made this little palace, took around a hour to make it.


Good things come to those that wait.


It has been a while since i made a pixel art…so here is one! It is a little hunter inuit.


Looks cool ark!


These custom trees are easy to make and does only take 5-10 minutes to make! So they fit me perfectly.


That marble/gravel combo looks awesome as a composite tree! Who would’ve thought! I love it


Aha! I recognise that palm tree, someone asked me who made it, now I know!

Are the other trees also on GM?


Yes, all of them are on GM.