Ark's builds and pixelarts


I experimented a little with metal combos now that i got a lvl 6 TP. I think this one is looking like a melting ice cream though(Do you spell it that way?).

My best one so far!


Wow Ark, the second one looks really good! It’s like a gem tree.


yeah, I think I’m gonna copy those ‘gem trees’ unless you make them first… on my server… Gem Tree Avenue… :smiley:


Go ahead if you want to @Caronhere!
And thanks sooo much for all your support, everybody! I dont think i would have kept on trying without the support.


Made a ship, since I haven’t tried making one before.

Here it is zoomed out.

And here zoomed in.
Feel free to give feedback, so that I can adjust it and make it better.


Nice! My only piece of feedback is to make the (what’s it called? a flag? no… a sail? I forgot :frowning: ) a bit bigger.


I like it… I never imagined a ship being in the sky, until I watched a movie where the pirate ship was like a plane, catching lightning… This isn’t on my world… My world could do with a ship… :wink: :smiley:


Hey, Caron! I’m coming on to Caron’s Peace right now. I’ve selected a plot, can you please come? Thanks!


Very nice Ark!! I love the stone/gravel touches in the hull. Love your Blockhead’s name as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s named a mast, if you don’t mind me correcting.


@Laraxd I mean the bottom part, not the mast :sweat_smile: The flag’s pretty cool too!


I think she was talking to me… :grin:

Yep, thanks!


Lol the pig, I love it :joy:


Loveeee it!


Been a while since I built anything, so here is a happy little polar bear. It was built at CJ’s legacy.


I felt like making some pixel art, so I made this clock at Creative of Time.

A close-up picture.
And a zoom out picture.

Feel free to give advice😄


That looks good! Personally I would have turned it into a watch, but that’s just my personal style and you don’t have to follow it.


You got the trees from GM. What is GM?


It’s a server named Georgie’s Maze


Who made that sandstone house next to the pixel art?