Armor update copper armor

No this is not a joke suggestion. Ok so this armor crafted with the same amount of ingots as any armor is slightly weaker then tin but it has one advantage. You can attach a steam generator to the back of it. Now this may seam dumb but steam generators are copper aren’t they? This prevents you from getting cold on mountains, something most armor doesn’t have! Again this is not a joke suggestion. :tongue:

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Kind of impossible that this will be added considering the game is no longer receiving updates and hasn’t in the past about 2 years, forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m sorry.

Nice to see that you keep asking about updates and suggestions but they won’t go anywhere so I wouldn’t bother, that’s all.
That’s the nicest way I knew how to put it.

You certainly do love steam generators, don’t you?

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I know there’s not gonna be an update I just like making these things up

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Cmon is that a question? :wink: