ARP - Appropriate Roleplay!


The Blockheads; a very artistic, educational, and creative game; pixel art, building, HTML coding. But, what about roleplaying? A lot of forum members and mature gamers think of roleplaying as a wrong thing, as something that doesn’t belong in the game. Sure, there are a lot of inappropriate roleplay servers with sexual content and inappropriate language, and yes, they don’t belong in this game. But, aren’t there also inappropriate economy, survival, free build, and other kind of servers, like with owners who use inappropriate language? There are, but they aren’t as popular as the inappropriate roleplay servers, and no one really thinks about it. Any kind of server could be inappropriate, not just roleplay servers. Most forum members think of roleplay servers as boring, useless servers. Roleplay servers can be artistic too; it’s like writing stories or books! It is also educational, for players who don’t speak English very well, they can learn better grammar and spelling. Atleast, that is how I learnt English; by chatting and roleplaying.

I am trying to create a group, for players who like roleplay, or own roleplay-friendly servers. We want to show players that not all roleplay servers are bad and inappropriate. You don’t need to be a fan of roleplay yourself- just having a roleplay-friendly server is good! PM me or just leave a message below, if you’d like to join!

Now, I understand not everyone likes roleplay, a lot of forum members are against it, and I respect your opinions, so don’t leave rude comments please, unless you have a good reason to. If you hate roleplay, just don’t join those servers. There are people who enjoy roleplaying, and it is their decision what they like. With this group, I want to show players who are against roleplay that not all roleplay servers are bad and inappropriate, and I want to show the inappropriate roleplayers of Blockheads that roleplay doesn’t need to be inappropriate to be fun!



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(Note: not all the servers are roleplay-themed, some of them just allow roleplay, too.)

Please read this milla!

Glad to see that someone is making a group like this. Did you know, Icarus is a rp server kinda, but no one judges it anyways. I hope this movement makes servers that roleplay without mushy stuff. :3


I am very appropriate :blush:

I hate nudity and sexual things

I hate rude words and swearing

I hate everyone who is not appropriate

I am very positive and i am never sad :blush:

I love emojis :blush: :heart: :kiss: :smile: :wink:

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My favorite thing is being appropriate :blush: and positive


The bold sentence is there why?


As a joke, I’ll remove it, as someone could be easily triggered I now see


Umm @milla I think you need to take your ban hammer back to the repair shop.


I’d like to join. I like RP. I don’t usually do it in TBH but I like to play D&D so


Okay, you’re a member now, thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy my share of literacy when it comes to roleplay. I’d like to join.


Ooh, I would like to roleplay as the anglo french war


(I’m :Tarnation)

So, honestly, both sides of appropriate and inappropriate are okay… basically neutral.

Sure, I’d join, but it’s be nicer if we weren’t so against inappropriate roleplayers/roleplay servers…


Hmm… Well, inappropriate roleplay servers as in just bad language, or sexual content? Sexual content isn’t allowed, however cursing in a private server, making sure everyone is okay with it and there are no younger players, is okay.

Sorry but you may only join if you’re supporting appropriate roleplay servers. The group is called Approrpiate Roleplay, for a reason.

@Cate, @hello_its_me hasn’t said what kind of inappropriate, it doesn’t only mean sexual content.


If a world is private and children aren’t granted access then bad language is okay.


Si might join dunno tho


The point of this group is to show inappropriate roleplayers the beauty of blockheads and appropriate roleplay.

If someone wonders who @hello_its_me is;
I went to some roleplay servers and sent them the link to this thread, and asked them to think about joining. There will probably be more people joining now, since I started to go to some servers.

This group exists for over a month, and there are only 3 members, who aren’t that much active. Come on! We need to get more active!

@OSHAOSHAWOT Joining or nah?


sure i guess im not to big on rp but sure


I understand why this group should be noticed, the inappropriate Roleplay themes destroyed the way I think life. I also learnt babies don’t come from stalks too XD.

And really, I agree that it shouldn’t happen, I may of been involved in some of this with Milla and stuff, my server was flagged, innapropriate things happened, but if we did anything inappropriate, we would place a password. So the only thing I understand is us swearing and abusing ROBLOX. Still hate the game but eh.

So I appreciate you doing this huge favour for me and the rest of blockheads, and I’d be happy to join Fade.



Thanks for stepping back on the good side of blockheads, @_Inspired. You are now a member.

To everyone: @_Inspired is a friend of my old friend. Unfortunately, my old friend began doing inappropriate roleplay. I showed @_Inspired how wrong it is what my old friend did, and asked her to join.


This child is totally with this program! I’m all for role-play, but just no cussing and stuff.


Will you join? :smiley: