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Hey @everyone

Always wanted a website where you could ask someone anything? Anything about anything in the world or about them? Then your in the right place!

Here at Ask AuraShadow you can ask her absolutely anything and everything. I don’t care what you ask, not at alll. I will answer between 5-10 minutes if I’m offline and 3-24 hours when I’m offline. If you ever wanted to learn something new, then ask me what you would like to learn and I will give you a whole lesson through a private message. Thanks for your time reading the description of Ask AuraShadow

If you have any questions contact me at @Aurashadow or just reply here at The Blockheads Forums.

Aura, xx


This belongs in #off-topic, questions are questions for the game.


who are you? and why do you keep saying xx


Ok, it is now in Off-Topic, question answered.

Aura, xx


I’m Aura and I say xx because it’s a lovely cute little phrase to say after your name. Question answered.

Aura, xx


Remember, no double posting. It’s okay tho, you fixed it once, you can fix it again. :slight_smile:


what do u do in your spare time then?


What is ⁸̵̪̅̋̀√̛̳͇̟͐͊̓́̇́1̸̛͓̔ͪͯ̉́ͯ͆͆8̧̩̩̻̲̥̹̪ͨͩ̊͗̒͂ͬ̚3̑̌͆͋́͏̲̞


Why are we not allowed to double post? I don’t get the meaning of this rule for people who want to chat with their friends here.

Aura, xx


its to prevent spam


It increases post count.


Ok lol

Aura, xx


both are correct


Actually, I think this belongs in #games :stuck_out_tongue: .


Last post of my day for now… well not last of the day.
Guys go to my world Avery Falls so we can play


do you like apples




This is an AMA (ask me anything) thread so moved to #games


U don’t have to send every message with that


She can if she wants, there’s no rule against it.

While it’s pointless, it’s nothing we can stop.

A little rude how you addressed it, btw. :slight_smile: