Ask AuraShadow


im pretty sure

x means kisses

o means hugs

im not a weirdo its the truth


so many she/he is a secret admirer of all of us xD


Could’ve sworn xx stands for hugs and kisses.



Aura, xx


I don’t think Milla likes people doing that though.

@AuraShadow What is your favorite block in Blockheads?


Marble :slight_smile:

Aura, xx


Then that’s probably means to stop, I didn’t know she didn’t like it.


@AuraShadow what do you do when your bored (NOT playing blockheads or things like that)


Is tHe EaRth FlaT?
No really why do you have the name AuraShadow?


look at this thing I just found xD


Hey, that’s kind of offensive. Why are you called Donutask? Don’t just say people’s name are bad, this was my old name from 2014 and I like it and I have a lot of memories.


Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude. I just want to know how you ended up with your username. Like the evolution of it. Sorry.


Donut never said your name was bad, all they did was ask what it meant. Don’t be offended.


Well I started when I was 8 with the username SPARK FOX because I liked foxes back then, I had around 2 servers and great friends but then my username seemed to babyish and I moved onto AuraShadow which seemed great but too dark for my liking but I kept is for a few years and here I am now, AuraCrystalWolf, sorry it was short it’s so long ago I can barely remember any older stuff lol

Only thing is, I can’t change my username now to AuraCrystalWolf lol

Well sorry for replying late, I usually go, watch TV and eat a big bowl of Icecream and chips, don’t ask.

Well it’s my older username from when I was 9.5 and I liked Aura, Spirits and darkness so that’s how I came to be lol


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