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Atmos: Phase Two Dates

Full Announcement: March 15
Grand Opening: March 21

Can’t wait to share with you what we’ve prepared!!


I can’t wait to rejoin


Although I’m having exams, I can’t resist the urge to take a peek and cage my trolls as soon as possible…

Why…why did my exams have to be in this month…why…

I did check out the new update though. It looks amazing.


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Atmos: Phase Two Full Announcement

Here we are guys. Blockheads 1.7 is finally here. After the initial rush, Atmos will reopen on March 21st. And I’m super excited to share with you what we’ve got in store for Atmos: Phase Two.

The first phase of Atmos was just awesome. Getting to meet and play with so many of you really reminded me of what makes Blockheads so fun and so great.

And the good news is: we’re not taking our foot off the gas. Today, I’d like to announce not just a reopening, but a rebirth of Atmos. This is Atmos: Phase Two.

Two notes:

  • First, this post will contain spoilers about new 1.7 content. If you want, you can join Urbano or another server and discover the content yourself, or go read the Full 1.7 Introduction (let’s be real tho you guys probably know more about 1.7 than I do at this point).
  • Second, this is by all means a landslide of announcements. I don’t blame you if it’s too much to take in all at once. Maybe read half today, and the other half tomorrow :joy:

Alright. Without further ado, here’s what’s new!

A metropolis of discovery.

The Canopy is unlike anything that has been seen before: it’s a living, breathing vertical city. It’s made up of numerous Branches, connected seamlessly by glass walkways. By traversing through the Canopy, you can get a taste of nearly every single new feature in Blockheads 1.7.

As you ascend through the Canopy’s Branches, you will find that each of them houses a different environment for you to interact with.

In the lower Branches, you can customize your every last detail of Blockhead character and meet new people in the Entrance Hall.

In the middle Branches, you can experience snapshots of Atmos’ flagship Spheres and grab a fresh Pizza lunch.

In the upper Branches, you can tame and evolve your very first pet.

The sharp, modern design is tailor-made for HD Textures 2, and it’s surrounded by countless other fun places to visit. It’s the ultimate hub for the next generation of Blockheads.

The Canopy also features…

Ride the waves to victory.

Get ready to dive in, literally, to a whole new world of competition and thrill. Jetshark Raceway takes the newly introduced Shark Riding and sets the standard for a racing circuit. It may well be the highlight of the whole Canopy experience.

I’m gonna hold off on giving you the details until we reopen on March 21, because I want Jetshark to be a surprise. Typical MFS, saying I’d reveal everything but keeping at least one thing secret. Blah blah blah :stuck_out_tongue:

A place to stay for every racer.

Alright, let’s say you tamed your pet Shark and took it racing. Let’s say you won. (Congrats!) But once your Shark grows bigger, you won’t be able to keep it in a bucket or a cage. This means that when you’re away from racing, you’re gonna need a place to keep your pet Sharks comfortable and safe. That’s what the Canopy’s Shark Hotel is for.

In the Shark Hotel, you and your Sharks can get your very own perfectly-sized room and secure it with an iron trapdoor when you go offline. And you never know, you may come back to find that a new baby Shark has joined the family!

Below the Shark Hotel, you’ll find the Canopy Residences. It’s a modern, luxurious condominium that you can stay in so you’re never away from the action.

Non-stop mayhem and endless laughs.

Capture the Gems, made by @SomeRandomUser, is a ridiculously fun new minigame located just outside of Spawn. You split up into two teams, take your positions, and parkour your way through a challenging Handcar Park to try to capture all three of the opposing team’s gems before they get ahold of yours.

It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and fun to play over and over again. Get ready for tournaments, World Cups, and lots of different game modes!

See the full post with all the details here >.

Hallowen all year round.

Near the entrance to the brand new Crypt Sphere, you will find a large, spooky monolith: @PokehgsMidnight Mansion. Its dark corridors are fun to explore and will host lots of upcoming games and events.

But underneath the Midnight Mansion is where you’ll find the real nightmare: Midnight Maze. Dimly lit with gems, it may seem straightforward at first glance. But you’ll soon find that it’s far from easy, and it has many secret exits and checkpoints hidden in the dark.

Do you have what it takes? I can hear the walls whispering… “bring it on.”

A journey like no other.

Next, I’d like to introduce Rooftops: an entirely new way to traverse Atmos’ vibrant landscape - on the back of your Donkey!

Many of us have tried Donkey obstacle courses before, but in Rooftops, the course is the entire city, stretching as far as your eye can see. And it turns out, the roofs and hallways of Atmos’ homes and palaces make for a thrilling ride!

Rooftops has a total of six parts - all unique, all connected. Expand the high-res overview map below to get a sense of how big the course is.

Although Rooftops has one start and one finish, there are many, many diverging paths you can take to get there.

For example, you can choose to climb the wall of a building and scamper across its roof, or bust open the door and travel through its hallways.

And if you take a risk and make a challenging climb, you may get rewarded with a shortcut later.

Rooftops also has four secret checkpoints, visible to only the most observant and daring riders. So even if you cross the finish line, your adventure is far from finished.

The best thing about Rooftops is that, since it is designed to be one with the Atmos landscape, anyone can add their own unique element to the course. All you have to do is get some land along its path, and boom! You’ve made Rooftops even better.

I think Rooftops has tremendous potential, and I plan on expanding it even farther in the near future. And will there be races? Heck yes!

Your Blockheads yearn for adventure. Give them one.

While Atmos has always been a hub for adrenaline and excitement, it’s also an incredible place to embark on a sightseeing journey. Atmos: Phase Two brings several new and iconic landmarks that you’ll just have to see to believe.

The Palace of Midas.

The Turro District.

The Coral Tapestry.

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower.

The palace of the people.

Another one of these breathtaking landmarks is the Kyuden by Rhuke.

“Kyuden” in Japanese means “magnificent palace.” It’s the only name that I felt was fitting for such an incredible creation.

It’s absolutely enormous, yet perfectly proportioned. It’s composed of so many different parts, yet every tiny detail is considered and perfected.

As we all eagerly get our hands on Blockheads 1.7 and say goodbye to 1.6, The Kyuden in many ways signifies the end of an era. And lights the way forward.

All of our best work, immortalized.

The Atmos Gallery is a simple, beautiful continuously scrolling online gallery that showcases all of the incredible creativity that’s on display in Atmos. Anyone can have their build or art added to the gallery, and it stays there forever. Visitors can even leave Likes on their favorites.

Check it out! >

A fresh new look and endless customization.

You can’t have a relaunch without new Avatars. Slicker, bolder, and even more customizable than before, Atmos’ Gen 2 Avatars are our best yet!

You can also send me any photo you want, and I can make it into a custom Gen 2 Avatar. :slight_smile:

So that’s what’s new. Now, here’s what stays.

The ultimate Donkey Obstacle Course.

Donkey Daredevil remains one of the toughest, most challenging, yet most rewarding Donkey Obstacle Courses ever built. And now with 1.7’s D-Pad, you can control your Donkey with even more precision.

Take your Blockheads to places they have only dreamed of.

The fan-favorite Adventure Circuit is back. Grab a camera, strike a pose, and let your Blockhead brag to all of its friends: “I was on Mount Everest!”

A castle fit for a goddess.

@Dancer95’s Crown of Artemis can literally be described as a crown jewel of Atmos, if not Blockheads itself. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must.

Dedicated Thread >

The climaxes of Atmos.

The “OG” Atmos builds still stand tall today, no less impressive than they were a year ago.

Free land everywhere, available in any size.

Wherever creativity takes you, there’s a home for it in Atmos. Land is free, Trade Portals are set to free, and you’re free to let your imagination soar.

Coast to coast at lightning speed.

The refreshed Atmos Subway will make traveling across Atmos effortless. We’ve updated our Address System to make it even simpler, and added clearer station numbers above each station.

and off our radar.

I love the bright lights of the city. I love the energy, I love the luxury. But sometimes, I get the itch to leave it all behind. To run out into the wilderness and fend for myself. That’s what Off the Grid is for.

The normal rules don’t apply when you go Off the Grid. You can steal, you can grief. But that can happen to you too. Establish your own territory, write your own rules, and defend it at all costs.

Useful fact: You can play normally and Off the Grid at the same time using different Blockheads.

It’s been a really long time. I missed playing with you guys. I hope you’re as excited as I am to get back into the swing of things, with all the exciting new 1.7 features and a reimagined, reborn Atmos.
MFS :slight_smile:

Introducing: The Jetshark Raceway!

Any 3x3 plots? :joy:


Looks great MFS, geting hyped to come!


Its amazing how this post by MFS looks as professional as his other ones and still so attractive lmao.
Nice job on the explanation of everything, though.
I’m going to (impatiently) wait for Atmos to open…


@GoodGradesBoy lol yesssss there’s a lot
@Brer-Rabbit thxx same here btw did you notice your Mario? :joy:
@Pokehgs tysm! Can’t wait to open!!


Can I eventually see a fully zoomed out map? I like seeing things from far away :slight_smile:


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Do you mean of the whole server, or a specific part?


The nice areas


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Yes… Caelestis’s builds definitely need a reboot too… Can’t wait for the opening!


Hahahahaha yup :laughing: so cute
@Caelestis omg yesssss would love to have you add your work!!!
@The_Juicey_Ace That’s a tall order :joy: eventually I might be able to put together all the zoomed-out pics I’ve taken and make a map, but since I love every corner of Atmos, it’s practically impossible to capture everything :laughing: Fly around a bit and you’ll know what I’m talking about lol


Amazing!! I really can’t wait for Atmos to open, and I mostly want to do the Capture the Gems (though I probably wouldn’t be on when others are) and the Rooftops. It seems crazy that all this stuff could fit in a Bh world, and even more crazy that all these builds were made with


I can’t wait!


@MFS These builds are absolutely stunning, I’ll be on there for hours copying studying these designs…